Monday, May 28, 2012


The pixeled sculptures I make originate in the principle of censorship, either positive or negative. In my recent work I use the pixeled image also to show phenomena in our surroundings that are bound to change or disappear (or already have done so) in which pixelation can be seen as a transformative stage of the slowly dissolving image, already blurred in eye and mind.

Another aspect of the censorship-principle is Taboo. In origin Taboo is a religious or supernatural affair, a prohibition of certain actions too sacred for ordinary people to undertake. It stems from Polynesian cultures (Tapu or Tabu).
Western civilisation has adapted the term Taboo eagerly and in time has been used rather for socially and morally unaccepted behavior instead of religious and sacred affairs. 
We might loosely conclude that today our Western social status is more sacred than our relationship with the supernatural.

The unwanted electronic advertisements we call Spam usually deal with products that address nowadays Taboos. These products advertise unacceptable social behavior, mostly boundless sexual activities, lust for money or brazen luxury.

'21st Century Spam (Blue)' (2012)

'21st Century Spam (Blue)' (2012) 

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