Tuesday, March 19, 2013


'Curveball' (draft for sculpture) (2013)


Today exactly ten years ago a Coalition led by the US invaded Iraq. 

Weeks before Secretary of State Colin Powell had presented the UN Security Council evidence of the existence of Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Iraq, posing an immediate threat to world peace. The evidence consisted mainly of artist's impressions.

The very moment the first bombs hit Baghdad -the kick off for Operation Iraqi Freedom- alternative EVIDENCE was uploaded and published on the World Wide Web. However these alternative EVIDENCE files were based upon "Scheherazade", the fairy tales of 1001 Arabian Nights.
The last of these files were published when Baghdad was taken by the Coalition Forces.

A few years back I published a selection of the alternative EVIDENCE files in a paperback.

The book is almost entirely filled with illustrations with a short introduction on the origin of these files.
It can be ordered at amazon.com or in the Green Onion online shop (... or simply by sending an email or message).

ISBN 978-1-4452-4329-0